Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get A Quote? +

Right here. Just click the link. Or give us a call at 864-INSURE-1.

Insurance can be confusing. How do I know what policy is right for me? +

— It can be overwhelming at times. That is why the guidance of a professional insurance agent/broker can be invaluable. There are many types of policies. What is right for one company or one person might be completely wrong for another. Does your broker take the time to really understand your needs?

How do I choose the right broker? +

— There are literally dozens of insurance salespeople in every community. It can be overwhelming trying to find the right person. What we think is most important in choosing a broker is the "right fit." Are they people you feel you really enjoy working with? Does the broker really care about you as a company and as an individual? Are they someone you feel you can trust? Why do they do what they do? What would a typical client say?

I can buy insurance online. Why would I use a broker? +

— Yes, you can buy insurance online. Many people do. But, the insurance company will always act in their own self interest. If you buy insurance directly from the company, who stands up to fight for you? We aggressively negotiate on your behalf. We have placed insurance that "couldn’t be written." We have solved claims problems that had been driving a client crazy for months. We have even eliminated a 30% + increase completely with no change in benefits. If you want someone to fight for you, we really enjoy that aspect of our job.

How do I know you'll be there for me? +

— We really enjoy the service aspect of what we do. We believe we are better than the run of the mill insurance people. We love service, because that is our opportunity to prove it. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than to solve a particularly frustrating problem for a customer.

How is Furay different from the average insurance broker? +

— We work with people who really want to work with us. As a professional insurance broker, we get most of our business through referrals from current clients who like the type of service we provide. Whereas some insurance agents have a "sign here and press hard. It’s triplicate mentality" and try to make all prospects fit the product they have, we’re different. We try to find out as much about each prospect as we can before we even begin to recommend solutions. One size does not fit all! Once we fully understand the situation, we then find the right product which fits each client’s individual needs. As an independent broker, we can find the right fit for each client…If we don't have the right product for them, we are honest and let them know that. We believe this is not only the right way, but the only way to do business. Simply put, we offer a no pressure environment. That's pressure. In the field of insurance. Refreshing, isn't it?

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