Client Testimonials

"It is a pleasure to do business with Furay Insurance. Last year when I was searching for health insurance for our North Carolina employees, which is a much smaller office, Furay Insurance worked equally as hard as if it had been a larger group in trying to obtain quality insurance at an affordable cost. Their service has been outstanding!"
– Pamela, Human Resources Manager
"THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you!!! I've been super busy this week, but I just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU so much for all you did to find an end to my claim nightmare. You ROCK!!!"
– Shannon
"When people/companies are good at what they do and do good for other people/customers, they deserve to be appreciated and lauded. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks again for your help! You are great at what you do!!!"
– Aaron
"Both Shannon and I appreciate you and Guy's efforts to get this resolved for us. It really helps to know someone is actually fighting for you when you really need it!!!"
– Guy
"Thanks for your help with my insurance Guy! Also, thanks for saving me a bunch of money AND getting me on with a better carrier AND getting me what I needed (without trying to sell me on stuff I didn't). You're the man!"
– Aaron
"I am retired but too young for medicare. I am a healthy and very active 60 year old woman. December 1, I will lose my current health insurance policy. So in July, I contacted an "unnamed" broker in Greenville for assistance. He helped me apply with BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina. They denied coverage because of 3 minor preexisting conditions. The broker appealed 2 times, but they continued to deny me. Then he helped me apply with United. They also denied me for the same reasons. He appealed, but the denial stood. A 3rd appeal with BlueCross and a 2nd appeal with United was again denied. The broker left this final denial info on my phone voice mail! He then added that my only other option was with the South Carolina Insurance Pool at a cost of about $1200 per month. He then said to call him the first of next year to discuss other options that may become available through the government legislation. I was aghast at the lack of professionalism and very upset at the options he gave me. I was determined to get acceptable coverage. I got out the yellow pages and selected Furay Insurance. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly with Guy Furay. I related the above info to him. He said he would do everything he could to get coverage for me. It took him about 2 weeks to get me accepted with BlueCross. I will have riders on the 3 preexisting conditions, but at least I will have coverage at a very reasonable rate. This was a very scary situation. I am so grateful to Guy for his dedication to my needs."
– Sincerely, Kathy
"Guy Furay has brokered our Group Health and Dental Insurance for almost two years. He and Kristina Williams have been exceptional in their efforts and we take pleasure in working with them. Our company was facing a 30% increase for our group health as we approached the 2009 renewal. This would have impacted our bottom line substantially on top of weathering this recession. Not only was Guy able to negotiate better rates, he also got our carrier to honor our existing rates – something we haven’t experienced in 22 years of doing business. If there was ever a year we needed savings vs. more expenses, this was the year. We are grateful for the hard work that will help us through this tough economy."
– Missy
"I want to thank you for all your help. Researching all the available coverage options for our small group is not something I personally look forward to. Your assistance was invaluable in researching potential carriers and their varied coverages. Each of us in the group appreciates your patience while we determined the details of who would be covered and which carrier's coverage best suited our group's needs. Every time I had a question, you immediately had the answer for me, making it easier to understand the details of the various plans. Overall, you made a difficult project seem easy from beginning to end. (We) look forward to doing business with Furay Insurance, and you Guy, for many years to come."
– Suzanne
I used to dread having to deal with our healthcare provider.As a small business, big insurance companies do not allocate time or attention to service our needs. Since Guy has become our agent I have been able to secure the insurance we need at the best prices. He has acts as a liaison between our company and other insurance companies to make sure that all of our needs are met. He takes the time to understand our business and offers advice on how and where to secure the best policies. He is also well entrenched in the community and referred us to a local bank with excellent customer service, where we set up a Health Savings Accounts. He goes above and beyond the service I have received from any other agent. I highly recommend Guy Furay for all your insurance needs."
– Nancy
"John just remembered to tell me that you called. He said that you had verbally taken care of the matter with the insurance company and would get it in writing today. You are a magician!!! I appreciate this more than you'll ever know!!!"
– Angie
"Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure dealing with you guys. I will certainly pass your name along to other who are in the same boat as we were. (P.S. and I love your by-line… no truer words were spoken!) thank you again for your time and trouble."
– Vickie
It was a pleasure to speak with you yesterday. Thank you for your honesty about what policy would be best. I did decide to go with this policy, and applied and paid on-line. I can not thank you enough, and I will pass along your name and website to others that I come across!"
– Fondly, Laura
"I haven't called at "9:05" as discussed for my cup of good morning Kristina cheer, but have thought about our conversation every morning - and it made me smile. As you said, one should smile when on the phone - it comes through. You're absolutely correct it did, and does."
– Mike
"I wanted to extend another thank you to you for working to get health coverage for (our) employees at the SC and NC offices. The last couple of months have been a nightmare in shopping around for out of state health coverage, however it was refreshing to work with you in your assertive and customer savvy approach in dealing with the insurance companies. I do appreciate all your help to ensure the final outcome that both of our offices have suitable health coverage to meet their needs. I look forward to our continued relationship to ensure our employees get the best service. Thank you again."
– Pamela
"We cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, courtesy, and effectiveness at not only quoting us competitive insurance rates, which most insurance companies can do, but doing so with speed, accuracy, and with a keen ability to understand our needs and direct us toward insurance products that fit us perfectly. I can honestly say that your treatment of me and my employees before, during, and after our purchasing our medical insurance through your office was consistent and exemplary. I felt like an important customer despite our being a smaller size business and your personal touch of visiting our site and going through all the options made it clear to us that we were valuable to you and your company. I will not hesitate to recommend you to colleagues in the future. If we can ever be of assistance to you please let us know.

Again, many thanks and we wish you all the best and continued success in your work serving the greater Greenville community with medical and other insurance products."
– Rimes
"Kristina, Thank you so much for the prompt attention you have provided me for me. I appreciate that so much! I know when you say you will "handle" something you will and in a very timely manner.

Again...Thank you!"
– Sincerely, Rachel
"I want to praise you and your staff in helping me with my life insurance plan. Shopping and purchasing insurance is like going to the doctor. You hate to go but know that it needs to be done. You and your staff are proficient, knowledgeable about your plans, easy to work with and most o f all friendly. You went the extra mile to explain my policy and keep me informed of the progress during the approval process. You really care about your customers and worked hard for my business. Thank you for help."
– Tim
"Furay Insurance did an outstanding job handling all my insurance needs. The Furay team is dependable, efficient and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Customer service was top-notch throughout the entire process, and some of the best I have ever experienced!"
– Emily
"The Furay Insurance team went out of their way to help me determine the best insurance for my personal and company needs. They understand and care about my financial budget for insurance. I look forward to growing my company with them. They give customers personal attention, and almost feel like part of the family."
– Tracy
"I just want you to know how impressed I am with the service you have provided me. You guys are great and you have gained a permanent fan who will refer anyone I can to go through you to get their insurance."
– Lisa
"Furay Insurance has proven to be trustworthy, reliable, accessible, and current."
– Tommy
"Furay Insurance is on my side."
– John
"Guy Furay did an outstanding and prompt job for me, even going out of his way with his time."
– George
"Trustworthy, available, dependable. Good follow up on calls and questions."
– Brian
"Our company has been very pleased with Furay Insurance as well as the managers and employees."
– Missy
"You listen to our needs and simplify the process. You are responsive, thorough and attentive to our needs."
– Justin
"If only there was a way I could nominate you (Kristina) for being the best employee I have ever worked with. Wow! You have been proactive, helpful, and communicative throughout the entire process of obtaining our policy, including afterward. Your service to us didn’t just end with the obtaining of our policy…we are grateful that such a great work attitude and ethic is standard for you and Guy, when it is only an exception in the rest of modern business."
– Amy
"Thank you for your help with this matter Guy. You have always been honest and prompt with your dealings with me. I also feel that you care about the individual not only as a client but as a person. If ever in the future I decide to purchase insurance of any type, I will call you. God Bless you and family."
– George
"I have had the privilege to work with Guy Furay…He has been our agent and immediate contact for all healthcare needs. extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with others. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. In summary, I highly recommend Guy as an agent for any company...he will be a valuable asset for any organization."
– Julie
"We have done business with Guy for a little over two years. During those two years, Guy has gone above and beyond the normal expectations of an insurance broker. Guy genuinely cares about his clients and it shows in the way he conducts his business. Not only did he bring us the most competitive insurance rates, but he was involved in every step of the process. We had recently relocated our manufacturing plan to...South Carolina and needed to obtain insurance for our employees here, so we were speaking with three different insurance brokers, but Guy’s willingness to go the extra mile was the deciding factor for us…he made himself available to meet and speak with all of our employees and answered all of the questions and concerns that they had. Guy maintains constant contact and makes regular and frequent visits, even after he secured our company’s business. I have found that is not always the case with some insurance brokers...On a personal level, Guy has been fantastic...I assure you, your company can only benefit from a business relationship with Guy and Furay Insurance, as has our company."
– Heather

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