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"Life isn't for the people who die, it's for the people who live." No better phrase illustrates the need for life insurance. When we do die, how will our family and loved ones fare? If you died today, does your family have the insurance protection they need?

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Life Insurance

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Get Life Insurance Quotes


Clare Conall Furay on Life and Death

"Most people don't face up to their death until it is near and certain. Therefore, they live life from day to day, forgetting about the deeper dreams they once had...For me personally, realizing that I will one day die makes me want to spend my life doing something important...if I could be an astronaut, or a great writer, or the first woman President, at least I would have something to be proud of when I die...I guess in the end that is the important thing — to live life with the consciousness that you will die, and with the hope that when that happens you can say, 'I did well'."

My sister, Clare Conall Furay wrote this. Little did she know that she would pass away at the early age of 26.

As she pointed out, everyone will eventually die. We do not know when or how we will die, but we do know that we will.

For this reason, life insurance is critical. Click here to get a quote.

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